Duran China 

About Us

Duran China is a joint-stock company established in 1998. Preceded Duran was the state owned Guangdong Chemical Materials Company (GCMC) that began representing DuPont Fluorochemicals business in China as early as 1989. Duran is a fast growing distributing and marketing company serving customers in China with DuPont refrigerants, aerosol propellants, cleaning and fire extinguishing agents. Duran makes and markets its own patented series of environment-friendly portable fire extinguishers.

Duran also represents performance coating specialties for Daikin, a global leading fluoroproducts player, serving industries of glass, construction, building, automobile and steel.

Besides Duran’s own patented portable fire extinguishing system, Duran is promoting FM 200 fire fighting systems for Kidde of UTC, the world’s largest fire solution provider, in the telecommunication, chemical and semi-conductor industries.

We also market and distribute electronic gases for Hong Hua Gas Co. and fluoroelastomers for Wan Hao Fluorochemicals.

Duran has its own state-of-the-art repackaging station with a comprehensive technical lab in Shanghai serving customers in China as well as other Asian markets.

Our Unique Values

With nearly 20 years experience in distributing fluorochemicals in China, We develop excellent industry connections and strong customer relationships-- we know the market well; we also know where our customers are; what their needs are and what they value. Our extensive distribution network covers entire China with warehousing and logistic arrangements as well as regional offices to provide the most competitive package offerings and services to our customers.

We have broad and extensive network with all major Fluorochemical producers in China and abroad. Our product lines cover fluorochemicals, fluoropolymers and fluoroelastomers, serving the growing industries of refrigeration, aerosol, electronics & high tech, auto, coating, home appliance, high pressure cylinders and fire extinguishing, etc.

With the strong support from our partners: DuPont, Daikin, Kidde, Hong Hua, Wan Hao and others, we are working closely together to deliver the best values and solutions to our customers with our young, dedicated and experienced marketing team focusing on growing the business and meeting & satisfying customer needs.

We benchmark and adopt world-class management tools such as Six Sigma, Organizational Effectiveness, Business Operation Tasks and Target Development to enable us to run our businesses efficiently and effectively. We have also integrated our business system with SAP.

We employ talented people; nurture their development with extensive training, challenging assignments and aggressive goals. We promote primarily from within to give people the opportunity to excel and advance their careers.

At Duran, we respect our people and are open to all employees, encouraging them to generate new and better ideas … to collaborate and innovate effectively … and ultimately to deliver the best value of products and services that meet our customers’ needs.

Our Vision

Maximize our global platform contribution to deliver sustainable value to our stakeholders (shareholders, partners, employees, society and customers)

Our Business Principles

  • Commitment to environmental protection and safety with “Zero” incident record
  • Commitment to high quality and excellent service
  • Continuous improvement of productivity to achieve high growth
  • People is the most valuable asset
  • Win-win for everyone

We are proud of our growing roles and presence in the marketplace, and we recognize that key to this growth is a commitment to value offering and respect to every employee, supplier, partner, customer and our society.


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